Bosch SDS Named as a Leader in The Internet of Things Consulting and Services Report 2021 by ISG Provider Lens

Bosch Global

Bosch Global Software Technologies (BGSW), the largest offshore development centre for Bosch worldwide, today announced that its Connected Products and IoT Solutions has been recognized as a “Leader” by Information Services Group (ISG).

ISG’s Provider Lens Quadrant Report ‘Internet of Things – Services and Solutions’ assesses the specific provider services for the IoT environment, including edge computing consulting and implementation, data collection and analysis, consistent security concepts including endpoints, networks, integration of latest technologies such as AI and machine learning.

ISG’s report highlighted Bosch’s Connected Products and IoT Solutions as one-stop-shop for engineering and IoT-led digital transformation, leveraging the company’s manufacturing and technology capabilities. Bosch offers customizable, end-to-end security solutions for IoT that include embedded/on-chip device security and secure firmware updates over the air.

“At Bosch SDS, we are proactively helping enterprises in challenging the status quo by taking advantage of paradigm shifts in technology innovation, such as IOT, Edge, Cloud, AI/ML, for business model innovation. Increasingly we find ourselves in engagements with large enterprises on their product digitalization journey – essentially making products smart, connected and intelligent – and helping them to monetize the value created by combining insights, service and experience to improve market share and customer loyalty,” said Digant Shah, Group President – Bosch Software and Digital Solutions.

Ron Exler, Director and Principal Analyst, ISG Research said, “Bosch is positioned well for the resurgence of interest from enterprises around the world in the Internet of Things (IoT) and its manufacturing counterpart, the Industrial IoT (IIoT). In the U.S., the company leverages its manufacturing expertise in the expansion of its IoT engineering and digital transformation service offerings. ISG also recognizes Bosch’s leadership in IoT consulting and services requiring mobility and monitoring as well as security and AI.”

SDS was created earlier this year by BGSW as an independent unit to manage business of non-Bosch customers. Bosch SDS focuses on delivering software and digital services in areas of digital enterprise, engineering R&D, and new age tech