Intel Names Hardware Security Award Winners

security award winners

Intel announced the winners of its second annual Intel Hardware Security Academic Award program, aimed at fostering innovative research into solutions, tools and methodologies to address fundamental security challenges and enhance the industry’s ability to deliver more secure and trustworthy foundational technologies.

“With the exponential growth of data and artificial intelligence (AI) across the compute spectrum, we’ve also seen increased sophistication and frequency of attacks. As an industry, it is imperative that we aim to protect sensitive datasets across all stages of the lifecycle – at rest, in transit and in use. Intel has a long history of working closely with academic researchers to tackle big challenges through programs like Intel Labs’ academic and faculty research grants, the Intel Bug Bounty program, and now through the hardware security award. We value their insights and dedication and, together, we’re making progress toward our shared vision of a safe and secure future,” said Sridhar Iyengar, vice president of Intel Labs and director of Security and Privacy Research

The Hardware Security Academic Award program is part of Intel’s commitment to collaborate with and foster advancements in the security research community. The award program invites academic researchers to submit a recently published paper demonstrating novel research with a meaningful impact on the hardware security ecosystem, including but not limited to Intel’s own products. Anand Rajan, senior director of Emerging Security Lab at Intel Labs, presented this year’s awards during a reception in Boston that coincided with the USENIX Security Symposium.

This year’s program scope expanded to invite innovations in confidential manufacturing methodologies, tools and capabilities, in support of Intel’s IDM 2.0 vision for a trusted and secure supply chain ecosystem. A Test of Time award was also added to the program to honor papers published more than 10 years ago, which have demonstrated a significant and lasting impact in the security field.