Xiaomi selects AVOW as Core Agency in EMEA, SEA, and LATAM


AVOW, the mobile OEM user acquisition specialist has just announced that they have been selected by the largest Android smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi as their official core agency for the entire EMEA, SEA, and LATAM regions.

Through this representation, AVOW will undertake all media sales activities for Xiaomi’s Ad Platform (Mi Ads) across the awarded regions and will interact as the main point of contact to manage a 360-degree execution of mobile ad campaigns on the platform – including media inventory buying, campaign set up, result measurement and campaign optimization.

Brands and agencies looking to leverage the Mi Ads platform will now gain access to exclusive ad formats and reach untapped users from Xiaomi’s diverse user base via AVOW’s international teams, who will offer managed campaigns as well as brand awareness activities.

Mi Ads covers 200+ countries & regions, is supported in 70 languages, and offers to reach 280 million+ quality active users across the world. The platform provides a multi-faceted advertising portal through proprietary apps like Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi Themes, Mi Video, AppVault, and its official alternative app store GetApps. Through multiple targeting options, Xiaomi allows marketers to accurately locate target audiences and convert their users into brand customers.

“We are excited to strengthen our cooperation with Xiaomi through this new and exciting challenge. Our long-term partnership is built on trust and our aligned visions toward the contribution to the mobile advertising industry. This new chapter in our alliance will help us offer fresh and unique opportunities for mobile marketers to tap into some of Xiaomi’s most extensive markets in EMEA, SEA, and LATAM”, says Robert Wildner, CEO, and Co-founder of AVOW.

Xiaomi’s media sales expansion strategy is to outsource these activities by selecting strong core partners to represent them in specific regions. This partnership comes at a crucial time, as marketers looking to promote apps are bound to rely upon third-party advertising sources with very little or no guarantee of fraud detection, booming costs, and user engagement. Xiaomi’s OEM advertising placements allow app marketers to achieve incremental user growth from customers who are brand loyal to Xiaomi in these local markets.