Travelzoo META Opens for Founding Members


Travelzoo META, a members-only service offering groundbreaking Metaverse travel experiences, is now accepting its first one million Founding Members. Launched by Travelzoo® (NASDAQ: TZOO), a global Internet media company, Travelzoo META will give Founding Members the opportunity to be the first to experience travel in the Metaverse.

Travelzoo META’s experiences are intended to allow its members to explore hard-to-reach corners of the world, like summiting Mount Everest, or travel back in time—to Ancient Rome, perhaps. They can also discover new spaces beyond imagination. All this is possible using a mobile or desktop device and a simple browser. Travelzoo META members can use their existing device as a portal to a whole new dimension.

With sign-ups now open, Travelzoo META invites those who share a vision of a world that ebbs and flows as far as the mind wanders to become Founding Members. Each Founding Member will be entitled to one of the world’s first personality-based, emotionally-driven Travel Companions (NFTs). To match their personal Metaverse travel style, Founding Members will be invited to pick their one-of-a-kind Travel Companion from an interactive gallery of one million unique NFTs. No two Travel Companions are the same. Once a Founding Member claims their special Travel Companion, no one else can travel with it in the Metaverse.

Represented as fantastical animals, the Travel Companions signify a world with no limitations, cages, bars, or borders. They encourage a freedom to enjoy a life of adventure brimming with extraordinary experiences.

“Travelzoo META is the future of travel,” said Arveena Ahluwalia, General Manager of Travelzoo META. “Not only does it remove limitations of physical ability and imagination, but it also allows us to bring people closer together through shared experiences.”

Social connection is one of the largest drivers of interest in the Metaverse, according to a study by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Travelzoo META members will be able to share experiences alongside their loved ones—no matter where in the world they are—or make new connections with likeminded travelers.

Travelzoo META Founding Members will not just be the first to experience the future of travel in the Metaverse; they also get to shape it. Founding Members can test beta experiences and share their feedback, contributing to how future Metaverse travel experiences are imagined.