The GrowHub Innovations Company and Tangobar Announce Partnership for Sustainable Regional Community Development and ASEAN Market Penetration


The GrowHub Innovations Company (“The GrowHub”), Asia Pacific’s only Web 3-enabled plug-and-play ecosystem builder for food traceability and carbon credits, announced its strategic partnership with Kyoto’s leading craft canning producer and food experience provider Tangobar LLC. (“tangobar”). Tangobar is committed to the development of canned foods using local agricultural and marine products as well as food promotion events. The GrowHub will be providing its proprietary Web-3 technology to Tangobar to support the sustainable development of the local community in Kyoto Prefecture (Kyoto by the Sea) and the penetration of its products in the ASEAN market. 

With a goal of maximizing local food resources, knowledge, and techniques to promote the diversity of Kyoto’s rich landscape, Tangobar seeks to create a harmonious relationship between food producers and consumers to develop a sustainable food culture that is beneficial for all. The GrowHub’s mission of fostering sustainable and conscious trade and providing authentic food that consumers can trust via Web-3 technology aligns with Tangobar’s efforts to contribute to the local environment and communities.

The GrowHub’s unique blockchain solution, which enables direct two-way communication with consumers, will enable Tangobar to tell the rich story of its products and the local community in northern Kyoto while providing them the insights needed to expand and create demand for their product offerings among ASEAN consumers. By creating demand for food experience programs and local food processing, Tangobar hopes to contribute to new employment opportunities and sustainable economic growth in the region.

Dr. Daiki Nakaoka, the Country Head of The GrowHub Japan shared, “We are very pleased to partner with Tangobar, which contributes to the sustainable development of local communities. While many rural areas in Japan have wonderful food resources, they are faced with the challenges of increasing employment opportunities for locals and re-innovating food experience programs with environmental considerations. This partnership significantly enhances the opportunities for local communities to thrive in ASEAN in a sustainable manner.”

According to the ASEAN Food and Nutrition Security Report 2021, the shift in food retailing is resulting in increased consumption of unhealthy foods and diminishing the often critical role of informal traders in meeting the food and nutrition needs of communities. It is crucial for food producers to showcase transparency and provide extensive background on ingredients/products to end food consumers. By scaling-up sustainable agricultural practices in ASEAN, The GrowHub supports the livelihoods of small-scale food producers, while helping curb carbon gas emissions to push back impending catastrophe.

Mr. Naoya Seki, Founder, and CEO of Tangobar mentioned, “The GrowHub is a key player in distributing products that contribute to the development of a sustainable environment and society in ASEAN. It is beyond challenging to scale local food resources to potential consumers beyond Japan. As such, The GrowHub comes in as a bridge to enable us to communicate directly with ASEAN consumers. Through this, we are better able to tailor our products according to the needs and demands of new audiences. We are looking forward to our strong partnership with The GrowHub and future roadmaps for consumers to visit our production facilities in Kyoto.”

With the mission of “bringing consumers and producers closer together”, Tangobar commits to utilise local food resources, food knowledge, and techniques to improve the holistic well-being of people and nature. Moving forward, The Growhub will continue to strengthen Tangobar’s food offerings in the landscape and contribute to the sustainable development of local food communities in ASEAN.