Telkomsel Ensures Broadband Service Readiness to Support the Implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta


Telkomsel, as the leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, consistently continues to play a leading role in supporting government programs, including in the successful implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit (Summit) forum which will take place on 5-7 September 2023 in Jakarta. With advanced technology broadband network coverage capabilities and the latest digital product and service ecosystem, Telkomsel has ensured infrastructure readiness to maintain comfortable communication access for representatives and delegates from Southeast Asian countries and other invited countries. This commitment is Telkomsel’s effort to continue its contribution in strengthening Indonesia’s relevance as part of ASEAN to respond to regional and global challenges and strengthen ASEAN’s position as the center of regional economic growth which opens up more opportunities for prosperity for ASEAN members.

Telkomsel itself has optimized network capacity and quality at more than 2,590 broadband BTS, including an additional 149 4G/LTE BTS and operates 5 Compact Mobile BTS (COMBAT) to anticipate the potential for high spikes in communication traffic in a number of areas, such as lodging areas, all locations series of activities for the 43rd ASEAN Summit, transportation transit points such as airports and tourist destinations. Apart from that, Telkomsel has also added and expanded its 5G network coverage by deploying additional infrastructure of 7 5G BTS which has reached a number of event points for the 43rd ASEAN Summit to provide broadband network access with the latest technology which can provide an excellent digital activity experience for all delegates. .

Telkomsel Network Director, Nugroho explained, “Continuing previous success in ensuring access to broadband networks with leading technology to support comfortable digital connectivity for all delegates at the 42nd ASEAN Summit held in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara in May 2023, Telkomsel is consistent in continuing to participate active and contributing to the smooth implementation of the series of activities of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, which will be the venue for various bilateral meetings between state leaders to strengthen the achievement of the ASEAN 2045 vision by ensuring strong and sturdy ASEAN institutions. “The momentum of the upcoming 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta will also encourage our contribution in supporting Indonesia’s commitment to demonstrate the great potential for industrial ecosystem transformation and the country’s best digital capabilities that can increase the attractiveness of global and regional strategic investment for Indonesia.”

In order to further support the digital experience of delegates to the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, Telkomsel has also guaranteed the availability of a variety of digital products and services, such as preparing and ensuring a number of 2023 ASEAN Summit Edition Prepaid Tourist Cards with data quotas of up to 200 GB. In addition, Telkomsel customer service points have also been prepared at a number of locations, such as airports & media centers which are ready to serve the registration needs of Prepaid Tourist Cards and IMEIs for mobile devices, data packages and credit top-ups, activation for 5G network services, as well as activation Telkomsel’s digital lifestyle services, such as MAXstream, Dunia Games, and so on.

Representatives of the 43rd ASEAN Summit delegation who use services from their home country can activate international roaming services in Indonesia. Telkomsel ensures that delegates will get the comfort of prime digital connectivity, where currently Telkomsel has collaborated with 382 cellular telecommunications companies from 180 countries around the world, where these telecommunications companies come from delegate countries to the 43rd ASEAN Summit which will be present in Indonesia. This collaboration includes a 4G/LTE Roaming Partnership with at least one cellular telecommunications company from each country, as well as a 5G Roaming Partnership with several countries.

As part of the Telkom Group, Telkomsel also participates in supporting the ASEAN-Indo Pacific Forum (AIPF) activities which will be held on 5-6 September 2023 at the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. This activity, which was initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Ministry of BUMN, is one of a series of activities from the 43rd ASEAN High Level Conference (KTT) 2023. This activity is a momentum for discussions as well as producing inclusive, collaborative and concrete business cooperation with focuses on four areas of discussion, such as Green Infrastructure & Resilient Supply Chain, Sustainable & Innovative Financing, Inclusive Digital Transformation, and Creative Economy. In holding this activity, Telkomsel will participate in the Creative Economy sector by presenting a showcase related to INDICO which manages Telkomsel’s digital business platform and portfolio in various sectors, namely Digital Food Ecosystem (agritech), Fita (health-tech), Kuncie (edu-tech) , and Majamojo (gaming) which has the goal of encouraging the strengthening of digital ecosystem inclusion and the digital creative economy in Indonesia.

“We hope that Telkomsel’s support in maintaining the smooth running of the entire series of international forums can strengthen Indonesia’s role as a driving force that continues to open strategic opportunities towards a better future for the Southeast Asian Region, especially in encouraging the three main pillars of achievement of the 2023 ASEAN Summit which include discussions on ASEAN Matters, “strengthening the Epicentrum of Growth, and implementing the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific (AOIP) which can be manifested in the context of economic and sustainable development in the Southeast Asian Region,” concluded Nugroho.