Teja Ventures Returns to Invest in Indonesian Startup Grouu


Teja Ventures is investing again in Grouu, a startup from Indonesia that focuses on developing food products for mothers and children. This round of funding will be utilized in order to diversify products and expand distribution networks.

Teja Ventures Founding Partner Virginia Tan said that her party sees great potential in the mother and baby category in the Southeast Asia region, with the baby food market reaching US$ 9.48 billion in 2023. This market is expected to grow annually by 5.38% to year 2028.

“Teja really understands the importance of nutrition for families, and we fully support Grouu’s vision to become a market leader in nutritional needs for mothers and children, as well as their efforts to build an exclusive platform that meets the changing needs and expectations of young parents in Indonesia and beyond. said Virginia Tan.

Teja Ventures is a venture capital firm (PMV) dedicated to supporting the next generation of category leaders in the consumer space. Teja is interested in companies that focus on women as market drivers in the Asian region.

Meanwhile, Grouu, was founded in August 2020 with the vision of meeting the nutritional needs and development of early childhood. Grouu has been a pioneer in providing ready-to-eat catering services and consumer products, offering practical options for parents to meet the daily nutritional needs of their beloved children.

With this funding, Grouu is targeting a wider market with various packaged food products specifically designed to fulfill maternal and child nutrition. These products will be marketed through online platforms directly to consumers, as well as through offline retail networks.

Grouu Co-founder & CEO Jessica Marthin explained that each Grouu product was developed by a team consisting of nutritionists, food experts, chefs and pediatricians. They collaborate to create a variety of selected products with high taste and nutritional content.

“Our close relationship with customers really helps Grouu to understand parents’ needs and expectations directly. To ensure that Grouu products are easier to obtain, we continue to strengthen our distribution through various channels, including e-commerce platforms and offline retail networks such as supermarkets and baby supply stores,” said Jessica.

He added, Grouu is committed to continuing to meet customer needs and create a sustainable impact. “We always welcome strategic investor interest who wish to contribute their expertise, resources and vision to support our long-term growth,” added Jessica.