Society Pass (Nasdaq: SOPA)/Thoughtful Media Group’s Strategic Partnership with Onlive.Site Eyes the Surging Live Commerce Market across Southeast Asia

Society Pass

Thoughtful Media Group Inc, the Thailand-based, digital advertising arm of Society Pass Incorporated, Southeast Asia’s leading data-driven loyalty and e-commerce ecosystem, today announces the establishment of a strategic partnership with Onlive.Site, a premium live streaming and digital content channel platform based in Spain. This strategic partnership enables TMG to host interactive live streaming and live shopping shows on its websites and even on external platforms including those of Creator’s or Marketer’s landing pages. SoPa endeavors to offer enhanced value to its consumers through novel partnerships with technology-enabled companies located across the SEA countries of Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, and complementary services that support the offerings of its entire ecosystem.

Founded in 2020, Onlive.Site is a technology software company develops livestreaming, live video shopping, interactive video and online TV channel platform tools for global e-commerce companies. Onlive.Site’s technology tools allow partners to create and curate live streaming and live shopping shows for consumers to shop for e-commerce goods and services with specific placement and effect. Research from Accenture shows that the social commerce market is poised to grow to US$1.2 trillion by 2025, representing a CAGR of 26%. Live streaming as a medium of sales on social commerce platforms is expected to show a CAGR of 11.77%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$45.07 billion by 2027.

The TMG digital advertising platform amplifies the reach and engagement of its +200 influencer network throughout SEA to market and sell advertising inventory on behalf of international and regional brands. Onlive.Site’s partnership further supports SoPa’s plans to expand TMG’s database of KOLs and influencers across SEA. The growing impact of social media on influencing consumers’ purchase decisions is driving more and more brands to shift their advertising focus to this emerging marketing outlet. “Live commerce” emerges as live streaming and e-commerce converge so that consumers and brands experience real-time engagement and an instantaneous feedback loop. SoPa increases customer engagement while also focusing on the quality of relationships through a campaign-based approach enabled by this latest partnership.

Alfredo Ouro, Co-founder & CEO @ Onlive.Site, emphatically explains, “We are delighted to enter into this win-win partnership with SOPA and TMG to bring our cutting-edge live commerce technology to one of the fastest growing digital areas in the world. With its large base of users, associated brands and content creators in SEA, TMG is ideally positioned as the perfect partner for Onlive.Site in a region that brings together everything necessary for live shopping to be a success: pervasive shopping culture, internet tech-savvy population and favourable social demographic profile”.

Dennis Nguyen, TMG Chairman, comments, “We are thrilled to partner with Onlive.Site as we onboard meaningful partnerships with brands and e-stores in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. This partnership allows TMG to bundle Onlive.Site subscription model with influencer marketing services to swiftly engage brands and create live streaming sales campaigns. New revenue models are being developed with this innovative partnership. Our mission is to provide media owners with dedicated technology services that build and monetise their brands’ audience on social video platforms”.

Alfredo Ouro adds, “With video accounting for more than 80% of all consumed internet traffic this year, no single company should ignore this audio-visual format as the most engaging and effective way to sell and communicate with their customers and stakeholders through live shopping, video- shoppable, and exclusive branded video-channels. Our one-stop live commerce studio possibilities for integrating all forms of interactive video on any website or digital platform are now endless and we want to make them available to every brand in SEA, thanks to our partnership with TMG and SOPA”.