Singtel, GULF, and AIS Commence Construction of New Thai Data Centre


Singtel, GULF, and AIS have commenced the construction of a new data centre strategically located near to Thailand’s capital Bangkok. The data centre, which is scheduled to begin commercial operations in 2025 and offer 20MW or more in capacity, will be operated by their joint venture company GSA Data Center Company Limited (GSA).

GSA capitalises on the strengths of the three partners. GULF is well-established in the energy and infrastructure business with a portfolio of green energy projects in domestic and international markets and an extensive business network, and Singtel has deep technological expertise in the development and operation of hyperscale data centres and a diversified global customer base that includes hyperscalers. AIS has local expertise in domestic networks, developing and operating multiple locations of data centre facilities in Thailand as well as experience in serving a significant number of enterprise customers. GULF, Singtel and AIS hold equity stakes of 40%, 35%, and 25%, respectively in GSA.

The best-in-class hyperconnected data centre will feature state-of-the-art technologies including comprehensive security and access control systems, efficient energy management and incorporate the use of renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint, to meet the needs of enterprises and cloud service providers in Thailand and overseas as their economies undergo rapid digitalisation. The GSA data centre will be constructed in compliance with world-class standards to obtain certifications such as TIA-942 Certification Rated-3, LEED Gold, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVRA), and ISO 27001.

Mr Ravi Kurmarohita, Chief Executive Officer, GSA Data Center Company Limited, said, “Today’s groundbreaking ceremony marks another milestone in GSA’s data centre development and is considered an auspicious occasion to officially start the construction of the GSA data centre. This state-of-the-art, high-quality data centre is located in a strategic location near Bangkok. It seeks to integrate cutting-edge technology and renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance efficiency in energy management to support sustainable operations. With increasing demand from enterprises, particularly cloud service providers, the company therefore sees a strong growth potential of the data centre business in a move towards digital transformation.”

Mr Bill Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Singtel’s Regional Data Centre business, said, “The commencement of the construction phase of our Thai data centre marks an exciting milestone for our regional data centre strategy, which aims to create the high-quality digital infrastructure needed to address the accelerating digital needs of ASEAN enterprises and cloud service providers, so as to entrench Singtel’s position as a leading regional data centre player. Thailand’s digital economy, in particular, is one of the fastest growing in the region with a compound growth rate of 15% every year to 2025[2], and our announcement today signals our firm intention to leverage the combined expertise of the joint venture partners to build and operate a best-in-class green data centre to support this exciting market.”

In addition to the data centre in Thailand, Singtel is developing a data centre with a capacity of 51 MW in Indonesia together with partners Telkom and Medco Power, when fully completed. It is also adding capacity in Singapore with a new build in Tuas. The Indonesian and Singapore data centres are expected to begin operations by 2025.