Singtel and Singapore National Olympic Council Renew Longstanding Partnership


Singtel has renewed its longstanding partnership with the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC). As part of its commitment to promote and support sports in Singapore, Singtel has increased its sponsorship to S$1.7 million over the next five years, its biggest sponsorship for sports to date.

Singtel’s Group CEO Mr Yuen Kuan Moon said, “Singtel is delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with SNOC and Team Singapore to support our local athletes as they pursue their sporting dreams and display their talents on the world stage. They are a great inspiration to Singaporeans and show us that with a passion for excellence, determination and resilience, nothing is impossible. These attributes also reflect our values. We’re committed to connecting people with memorable sporting moments just as we will also be ensuring Team Singapore athletes can stay connected with their loved ones and passionate sports fans here. We look forward to rallying behind and celebrating Team Singapore’s achievements.”               

As a major corporate partner of Team Singapore, Singtel has supported athletes in achieving their goal of competing for Singapore in major games including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Singtel’s S$2.5 million sponsorship over the last ten years has helped fund various SNOC programmes, offset the contingents’ travelling expenses and enabled them to stay connected while competing overseas. Singtel has also provided many of its partner athletes, which include shuttler Mr Loh Kean Yew, sprinter Ms Shanti Pereira and fencer Ms Kiria Tikanah Abdul Rahman, with training grants. 

Ms Pereira, one of Singtel’s 2023 partner athletes, said, “As an athlete, it is very encouraging to receive support to enable me to train and compete while representing Singapore. I would like to thank Singtel for their support and for continuing to help Team Singapore to achieve our sporting aspirations.”

Singtel’s new five-year partnership with SNOC will support Team Singapore in upcoming major sporting events such as the highly anticipated 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, the 2024 Paris Olympics and the 2025 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Thailand. Singtel will provide S$1.5 million in funding and also sponsor S$200,000 worth of mobile roaming services for Team Singapore contingents.

Mr Chris Chan, Secretary-General of the Singapore National Olympic Council said, “Singtel has been an unwavering partner of Singapore’s Olympic Movement, the SNOC and of Singapore sports for more than a decade, at our side through triumph and adversity. We are grateful to Singtel for this steadfast support without which many of our athletes’ dreams would not have been possible, and we look forward to celebrating many more Team Singapore milestones with Singtel.”

As Team Singapore gears up for the 2022 Asian Games held in Hangzhou, Singtel customers can enjoy real-time coverage of the Games on Singtel TV and Singtel TV GO at no extra charge. The Games will also be available on Singtel CAST to everyone in Singapore, including non-Singtel customers.