Perfios Technology Solutions Titled Indonesia Winner of Zurich Innovation Championship for Health Claims Analytics Solution


Perfios was honored for its innovative solution, Perfios Acclaim, at a ceremony hosted by Zurich Asuransi Indonesia in Jakarta on April 30, 2024. Distinguished attendees included Benny Jioe (Head of Digital Transformation, Zurich), Daniel Susanto (Digital Project Manager, Zurich), Amitabh Singh (Chief Business Officer, APAC & EMEA), and Mahendra Ramaiyyah (Director, Insurance Business Acquisition, APAC).

The Zurich Innovation Championship

The Zurich Innovation Championship is a global competition conducted by Zurich Insurance, one of the world’s largest insurers with a significant presence in over 215 countries. This annual event seeks startups that not only aim for profitability but also strive to make a substantial social impact. The championship emphasizes creating new value propositions and delivering innovative services beyond mere product distribution. By winning this prestigious competition, Perfios has established itself as a key player in shaping the insurance industry through impactful solutions.

Criteria and Qualifications for the Award

The selection process for the Zurich Innovation Championship is rigorous and globally oriented, focusing on companies that demonstrate a dual purpose: profitability and social betterment. Participants are evaluated on their ability to address significant industry issues with innovative solutions that have the potential to revolutionize market practices.

Significance of the Award

The significance of winning the Zurich Innovation Championship cannot be understated. It underscores Perfios’ role as a transformative force in the insurance sector, particularly in combating claims fraud, which is a major contributor to the inflation of insurance premiums globally.

Founded in 2019, Perfios Technology Solutions Sdn Bhd has rapidly expanded throughout the Southeast Asia region. Supported by top-tier investors like Bessemer Venture Partners, Warburg Pincus, Kedaara Capital, and Ontario Teacher’s Venture Growth, Perfios recently raised $80 million in its latest funding round. Their clientele includes leading global banks and insurers who rely on Perfios for seamless digital transformations.

Amitabh, Chief Business Officer, Perfios Insurance International stated: “We are honored to receive this recognition from Zurich Asuransi Indonesia. Perfios Acclaim embodies our vision to provide insurers with cutting-edge technology that simplifies their operations and protects against fraud.”

Winning the Zurich Innovation Championship aligns perfectly with Perfios’ mission to empower insurers with innovative, reliable technology. Perfios Acclaim aims to expand its impact across Asia and further solidify its presence as a leader in the insurance technology space.