Interesting to the Indonesian Market, HiFuture Strengthen Position as Market Leader of Audio Technology Industry

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The technology brand for gadget accessories HiFuture in 2023 is entering its latest milestone by expanding to 60 countries around the world. The Chinese brand is a supplier of quality audio products such as wireless earbuds, headphones, advanced noise-cancellation, superior sound quality, and intuitive user interfaces that make its products more competitive than similar players in the world market.

According to Jova Cho, Co-Founder and CPO of HiFuture Group, his company will focus more on developing artificial intelligence-based technology for noise-cancellation, long-lasting battery, and immersive audio. The products are currently equipped with features that easily adapt to the user’s environment so that they become perfect when used.

“Sound quality for us is a top priority in every product, which is why we always test prototypes before they are sold to the market. We need to ensure that what we sell globally produces crisp, clear and immersive sound. We work with engineers and audio experts to continue to improve HiFuture products, and ensure that everything meets our standards,” he said when contacted in Jakarta (1/11).

According to him, HiFuture’s various advantages are in connectivity technology with the latest Bluetooth version and applications used in smartwatch products that allow users to personalize features on their smartwatch.

“Design is an important aspect of our products. We believe that technology should be functional and visually appealing. Our products feature sleek and ergonomic designs with premium materials to create a truly luxurious feel.”

Related to market penetration, Saunak Banerjee, Vice President of Brand Marketing HiFuture added, that HiFuture continues to collaborate with various partners around the world to bring their quality products, and penetrate the market in new regions, on this occasion Indonesia is the next step in market development.

“Indonesia and Asia are huge markets, and we are excited to create new innovations in these markets. Because the character of consumers in this region is different from other regions such as America, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. We will come up with high-quality products so we are confident, we will be able to compete in the Indonesian market. That is why we are optimistic that HiFuture will become the market leader in Indonesia in the future.”

HiFuture was founded in 2016 with a vision to deliver high-quality audio products that improve people’s daily lives.

“We recognize the growing demand for innovative audio solutions that integrate with modern lifestyles, and that’s what drove us to embark on this journey seven years ago.”

HiFuture has a variety of product lines, including wireless speakers, headphones, TWS, smartwatches, and future rings. In the wireless speaker category, there are Ripple, Gravity, Event, and Altus products. As for the headphones, there are FutureTour, FutureTour Pro, FutureMate, and FutureMate Pro. For TWS there are Fusion, Yacht, SonicBliss, Flybuds 3, and Colorbuds 2. Then for the smartwatch category, HiFuture has Ultra 2. Ultra 2 Pro, FutureFit Zone 2, Future Go Mix 2, Aura, Future Go Pro, Apex, and Altair.