Indosat Encourages Digital Inclusion to Eastern Indonesia


Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (Indosat) is driving digital inclusion to eastern Indonesia by improving customer experience in the Nusa Tenggara region. This continuous improvement is carried out to empower and maximize the potential of the community. The Indosat network has now reached more than 80% of the population throughout Nusa Tenggara, with the addition of network transmitters (sites) and internet capacity which has doubled compared to last year. Especially in Kupang City, the Indosat network has even reached 100% of the population for easy access to information and opens up unlimited opportunities.

Director and Chief Business Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, Muhammad Danny Buldansyah, said “Increasing Indosat services in Nusa Tenggara aims to support equal digital access while empowering communities in the eastern region of Indonesia. We believe that the use of digital technology will open up unlimited opportunities, maximize existing potential, and encourage regional economic growth. “This is the beginning for us to realize Indosat’s larger goal of connecting and empowering the Indonesian people by accelerating the nation’s digital transformation.”

Indosat is holding the 2023 Digital Literacy Festival: It’s Time for Nusra to Be More Digital to provide education to the community and young generation in Kupang in utilizing digital technology. The event, which was located at the Kupan State Polytechnic and Nusa Cendana University, was attended by representatives of the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Provincial Government, a series of inspirational figures, as well as well-known influencers who shared their digital experiences with students, MSMEs and the people of Kupang.

The Regional Secretary of the NTT Provincial Government, Kosmas Lana, said “We express our appreciation to Indosat for its role in initiating collaborative work to increase digital literacy, especially in East Nusa Tenggara. In the current era, we need to jointly develop ethics, culture, security and digital skills supported by the availability of a quality internet network. “The reading passion of the people of NTT Province continues to increase, with an index of 63.9 in 2022, and with the positive impact of digitalization we encourage all parties, including the general public, to encourage the use of this technology intelligently and creatively to face global competition.”

The festival series contains classes for thousands of participants from students, MSMEs, and the general public. These classes discuss themes more intensively to improve digital skills for MSMEs and creative entrepreneurs on social media, foster enthusiasm and inspiration with insights from resource persons, and create interesting new experiences about today’s digital industry. This series of programs was also enlivened by an exhibition of products from MSME players in the Kupang area.

“We bring the spirit of mutual cooperation to achieve Indosat’s bigger goals. “The participation of all parties will facilitate the process and provide maximum benefits for society and Indonesia,” concluded Danny.

The presence of Indosat services in the city of Kupang has started with the Kupang Collabonation Tour Music Concert conducted by the IM3 brand and will follow activities from the Tri brand in the near future. Kupang people who want to enjoy Indosat services can visit IM3 outlets, 3Store, as well as hundreds of outlets spread across the city of Kupang and its surroundings.