Huawei Won the “Outstanding FTTH Solution” Award at BBWF 2022 with Leading 50G PON Innovation


At the award ceremony of Broadband World Forum (BBWF) 2022, Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro solution won the “Outstanding FTTH Solution” award. With its unique innovation capabilities in the 50G PON field, Huawei takes the lead in implementing the next-generation PON defined by ITU-T and completed live-network verification. This is the fourth consecutive time that Huawei won this award since 2019, proving the industry’s high recognition of Huawei’s continuous innovation in the optical access field, especially its contribution to the next-generation PON evolution.

Currently, operators are upgrading broadband networks to 10G PON so that more users can enjoy gigabit ultra-broadband experience. In addition, to meet ever higher bandwidth requirements from users and new services, the next-generation high-speed PON is also put on the agenda. In September 2021, ITU-T officially released the 50G PON standard as the only standard for next-generation PON after 10G PON. The 50G PON standard lays a foundation for the evolution of broadband services from gigabit to 10G.

As a leader in the optical access field, Huawei completed the verification of innovative 50G PON on a commercial OLT platform on the live network this year. Huawei can provide leading features to promote operators to upgrade their networks to 10G, including:

  • Up to 32dB optical power budget

By using innovative structures and materials in optical modules, Huawei improves the transmit capability of optical components by 4.5 times. The photon absorption capability at the receive end is improved from 70% to nearly 100%, and the maximum optical power budget can reach 32dB, meeting the requirements of the live ODN networks. The ODN does not need to be reconstructed during service upgrade, protecting the investment for operators to upgrade their FTTH networks.

  • Built-in Combo compatible with XG(S) PON

To upgrade traditional OLTs, operators need to deploy new racks and subracks, and introduce multiplexers. This not only occupies the equipment room area, but also slows down the upgrade and prolongs the service interruption time. Huawei’s innovative Combo solution supports both XG(S) PON and 50G PON services on the same port, achieving optimal deployment and flexible upgrade.

  • Symmetrical 50Gbps capability in the upstream and downstream directions

Future services require more powerful and flexible upstream transmission capabilities. Huawei implements 50G upstream transmission capabilities in 50G PON innovation to support high-bandwidth services. In addition, operators can flexibly select ONUs with different upstream rates (12.5Gbps, 25Gbps, and 50Gbps) based on terminal user types, improving capabilities with optimal costs.

Huawei has cooperated with more than 20 leading operators around the world on 50G PON as the next-generation PON, fully verifying the feasibility and maturity of 50G PON in different live network conditions. In the future, Huawei will work with industry partners to quickly promote the industrialization and commercial use of 50G PON, continuously build ubiquitous optical connections, and accelerate the construction of a fully connected, intelligent world.