Honda and Telkom Present the First Metaverse Virtual Racing in the First Metaverse Indonesia


PT Honda Prospect Motor and PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk are working together to present the Honda Meta Race on 1 September 2023 at Honda MetaWorld. Honda Meta Race is the first virtual car racing game held on the Indonesian metaverse platform, MetaNesia.

MetaNesia is a virtual world platform where users can connect and interact like in the real world. To enter MetaNesia, users can download the MetaNesia application through the Google Play, Windows and Mac OS applications or on the website.

After entering MetaNesia, visitors will find the Honda MetaWorld lobby. Furthermore, visitors will find various interactive areas where one of them is the Honda Meta Race.

In the Honda Meta Race, participants will be given the option to drive one of the various Honda models available, starting from the Honda Brio, Honda City Hatchback RS, Honda WR-V, Honda BR-V and Honda HR-V. Then the participants will compete on the Surfside Speedway circuit, Wildwood Circuit or Winterstorm GP Circuit where these circuits have been determined according to the schedule

This game can be played single or multiplayer with different challenges. In single player, participants are challenged by their dexterity to get past the Obstacles with the fastest time.

While in multiplayer it has a Booster where when the player touches the Booster it will make the vehicle go faster. After the match is over, the participants can see the time record, ranking and final results in the Leaderboards feature.

To add to the excitement in the game, Honda will hold a competition in the Honda Meta Race with Singleplayer mode from 11 September 2023 to 22 October 2023 with a total prize of up to millions of rupiah.

This competition consists of six series using six Honda models and a different circuit each week. The three winners of this competition were determined based on the fastest time recorded on the Leaderboard feature at the end of each series.

Apart from that, participants also have the opportunity to win the Grand Prize as the Honda Meta Race Loyalist Awards. This award is obtained based on the total number of games successfully completed during the competition from Series 1 to Series 6.

Yulian Karfili as the Communication Strategy Sub-Division Head of PT Honda Prospect Motor said that, “Honda MetaWorld is a combination of metaverse innovation technology and Honda’s sporty DNA.

We hope that by bringing the excitement of virtual racing to the metaverse world through the Honda Meta Race, we will bring the spirit of Everyone Can Race to more people who play at Honda MetaWorld, especially young people who are very close to the digital world.”

Until August 2023, Honda MetaWorld has more than 5,000 active visitors and is the largest in MetaNesia. Honda was first present at MetaNesia in 2022 where Honda was recorded as the first ATPM in Indonesia to be present in the metaverse.

Honda then innovated early in 2023 by providing various Brio Skate Park games, Virtual Stage, Residential Area, Urban Area and Test Drive Area.