Couchbase Appoints Tech Data ASEAN and SVA Distribution as Distributors in Southeast Asia and Greater China


Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), provider of a leading modern database for enterprise applications, recently appointed Tech Data ASEAN and SVA Distribution to support the deployment of its database solutions across Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Tech Data will be the distributor in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, while SVA Distribution will handle the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau markets.

“Tech Data ASEAN and SVA Distribution have demonstrated their capabilities and reach across the Southeast Asia and Greater China regions. With their support, we are confident that we can achieve our goal of enabling enterprises to shift to the digital economy immediately and effectively while developing with agility and operating at any scale,” said Stuart Fisher, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Couchbase. “This boosts our commitment to expand to more markets as we continue to build world-class enterprise solutions.”

The collaboration aims to increase Couchbase’s presence in these markets to bolster adoption of Capella, Couchbase’s distributed NoSQL database as a fully managed service. Capella delivers flexibility across customer use cases with built-in multi-model and mobile synchronization capabilities. And its memory-first architecture drives millisecond data response at scale, resulting in price performance that is superior to competitors to meet the rising data management needs of modern enterprises.

With more and more businesses investing in customer experience, enterprises need to reinforce their IT infrastructure at an unparalleled scale as this becomes the driver of all their transformations. At the core of this initiative should be the company’s data. Building and running massive applications requires a quick and agile tech architecture that enables active data management while delivering scale and data variability. Unlike relational databases, modern databases are fully capable of powering massive and mission-critical operations.

“Given today’s exponential rise of data, businesses need more advanced and highly scalable databases as they journey through digital transformation. Tech Data and Couchbase share the same priority of continuously addressing the ever-changing tech needs and goals of our customers and the business landscape. This partnership will empower the Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam markets by making Couchbase’s cutting-edge solutions accessible for enterprises,” said Bennet Wong, Vice President, Advanced Solutions – Modern Data Center and Analytics at Tech Data Asia Pacific.

“Modern challenges require modern solutions. Amid the influx of technologies in the industry, SVA Distribution, in partnership with Couchbase, will link up enterprises with the most advanced and highly efficient solutions in the market. We aim to bridge the market gap in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau as the IT landscape rapidly changes,” said Timothy Liu, SVA Distribution Co-founder and General Manager.