Couchbase Announces Newly Enhanced ISV Partner Program

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Couchbase, Inc.  the cloud database platform company, recently announced an expanded ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner Program. The program will provide ISVs with a new Success Package that includes enhanced training, certifications and additional resources necessary to build and monetize their modern applications with ease. Complimenting the Success Package is the introduction of a new ISV Program Guide with more information and resources to make it easier for ISV customers to get started with Couchbase. 

“After searching the market for a cloud database platform that addresses the complexity of our customers’ broad portfolio of data, Couchbase Capella was the perfect fit,” said Simba Mupfunya, software architect at Netropolix. “Capella helped centralize and consolidate our data lake and database ecosystem, allowing us to modernize our tech stack in the cloud to better serve our customers’ diverse needs. With Capella, we’re able to seamlessly deploy apps and monitor logs, all while handling a plethora of requests to ensure everything is running smoothly.”

Developing market-leading applications that must evolve rapidly can be difficult for organizations due to complexities like database sprawl, vendor lock-in or lack of resources. ISV partners often leverage multiple disparate resources to obtain the necessary requirements for application development so they can innovate to meet demand. At the same time, staying ahead of the competition and protecting profitability are critical for these organizations. 

The Couchbase Capella cloud data platform solves these problems by helping ISV partners gain the flexibility to consolidate their architecture and accelerate application development while delivering broad capabilities and a highly scalable architecture that drives down total cost of ownership (TCO). Couchbase works with ISV partners to embed or bundle its cloud database platform with the applications or other solutions offered by ISV partners to their customers. By standardizing on Couchbase, ISV partners can establish and expand their business, and improve revenue, margins and application time to market. 

The Couchbase ISV Partner Program is a single resource for organizations looking for a developer-friendly solution to build modern applications with a fast, flexible, familiar and affordable cloud database platform. With these new ISV partner investments, Couchbase is making it easier for ISV partners to add modern features to their apps and increase differentiation. Couchbase ISV partners can take advantage of the capabilities in Capella and benefit from faster release cycles and less data duplication, familiarity for faster ramp-up, always on mobile and IoT apps and high availability and automation.

“We’re dedicated to broadening our ISV partner ecosystem to deliver unmatched speed, scalability and resilience,” said Matt McDonough, senior vice president of business development and strategy at Couchbase. “With new resources for ISVs to learn about Capella, teams can be empowered to get started on their application development journey knowing they’re backed by easy-to-use, high-performing technology that eliminates the need for ongoing database management efforts.