AVOW Intelligence: Making Mobile OEM Media-Buying Simple and Effective


Today, AVOW, an award-winning, global app-growth company specializing in mobile OEM advertising, announces the launch of its proprietary technology, AVOW Intelligence. The company’s tool has been developed to revolutionize mobile OEM advertising by offering a smart and holistic view of media inventory across premium mobile OEMs, including Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Huawei, in one platform. This empowers AVOW to give clients a competitive advantage when running user acquisition campaigns on alternative app stores.

Mobile OEMs are well-known for their smartphones and have now created a software and services ecosystem to rival the industry’s more traditional players. That dominance is reflected in the market figures, with AVOW’s mobile OEM partners accounting for 54% of the global mobile market, and alternative app-store revenues reaching $39 billion in 2022.

In mobile OEM advertising, media buying involves securing ad placements. This process requires careful consideration to optimize the return on ad spend (ROAS) and achieve the marketing objectives such as targeting and reaching the right audience, cost-effectiveness, performance monitoring, and optimization.

One of the biggest challenges for mobile marketers has always been the limitation of buying OEM advertising inventory individually from different OEMs. Purchasing from each OEM platform is cumbersome and doesn’t offer complete views of one’s marketing campaign performance. Another challenge is optimizing the campaigns across multiple OEM platforms without being able to consolidate them into one tool.

Enter: AVOW intelligence

AVOW Intelligence processes immense amounts of data from multiple OEMs and mobile measurement partners (MMPs), bridging the gap between media buyers and data and providing invaluable insights and analysis for making real- time data-driven decisions. Moreover, it optimizes the best OEM advertising inventory, measuring them against app-specific KPIs and desired engagement levels. AVOW can provide an in-depth understanding of how each ad placement behaves and whether it aligns with the clients’ objectives.

AVOW Intelligence’s Key Features:

  • Real-time Insights: It can seamlessly gather insights from many mobile OEMs and MMPs.
  • Optimized Media Buying: AVOW Intelligence is the source for accessing empirical facts about the market. The tool offers media buyers greater clarity and actionable insights by unifying various data sources for a coherent strategy. These insights lead to a highly targeted yet cost-effective campaign, lowering acquisition costs as it progresses.
  • Down-Funnel Events: The tool enables AVOW to surpass conventional cost-per-install (CPI) models, emphasizing the understanding of the complete user journey and focusing on long-term outcomes. This approach ensures that brands aren’t just seen and heard but remembered.

In an industry overwhelmed by data, AVOW co-founder and CEO, Robert Wildner, emphasizes keeping things simple. “Each mobile OEM has its own unique nuances; it’s not one-size-fits-all. This is why we have built and launched AVOW Intelligence, a one-of-a-kind tool to simplify and optimize buying media on mobile OEMs.”

“Indonesia’s mobile market is not just burgeoning, it’s poised for exponential growth” added Robert.

“At AVOW, we see endless potential in this large yet diverse country, not just in numbers, but in the aspirations of millions eager to connect, engage and thrive. AVOW Intelligence will tap into this vibrant energy, bridging brands with consumers in the most effective ways.”

Leading brands that have already benefited from piloting AVOW Intelligence include Amazon Prime Video, LOTTO24, AirAsia, Exness, Didi Group, Unico Studio, KUMU, BYJUS, OctaFX, JOOM, Kredivo, Navi, and Zephyr Mobile, among others, showcasing the tool’s transformative potential.

The launch of AVOW Intelligence underscores AVOW’s commitment to driving industry innovation, making mobile OEM advertising accessible for brands and apps while remaining performance-oriented.