45 Years Established, Indonesia-Based FIN Logistics Focuses on Technology Adoption


Indonesia-based logistics company PT Fajar Insan Nusantara (FIN Logistics) recently held a celebration of its 45th anniversary. After the 2020 pandemic, the country’s logistics industry returned to life with a growth of 1.08 percent or 699 trillion compared to 2021. The company founded by Soedjarwo Sudarmo has grown to become one of the big players in Indonesia with more than 300 networks throughout world in 165 countries.

According to the Managing Director of FIN Logistics Andrianto Soedjarwo, the management will focus on further business development in the domestic market moving forward by investing in human resources, infrastructure and technology. Significant growth in the fast- moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is a key driving factor for the company’s policies in the long term.

“There is a positive trend on the sector, despite the pandemic two years ago. Current recovery period has shown a fairly high growth, encouraging the domestic logistics industry to also feel the positive impact of FMCG growth. Including the increasingly vibrant international market which affects the need for higher purchases of imported products,” he said when contacted in Jakarta (3/10).

In terms of technology, added Andrianto, FIN Logistics will continue to adopt software and solutions from third party vendors in order to provide even more optimal services to its customers, such as GPS Tracker, order management, delivery monitoring, transportation and driver management, custom reports and so on.

“We are living in an era of different customers’ behaviors compared to 10 years ago. Their demands are not only that the ordered goods can take up to 2 or 3 days, but they expect to receive the order in a maximum of 1 day, even in a matter of hours. It happens especially in the e-commerce industry. Therefore, technology is no longer a “nice to have” for us, but has become a “must-have” for FIN Logistics.”

During its 45 years journey, he added, the company has reached 34 provinces and inter-island locations, especially the 3T (the frontier, outermost and remote) regions which also contributes to the movement of the national economy.

“As a local company, FIN Logistics is being here to contribute to regional and national economic development. Logistics is an industry that targets all segment market, from urban areas to remote areas where even the transportation infrastructure is still less. This is where we play a role,” he added.

Andrianto also emphasized that the age of 45 does not mean that FIN Logistics will stop innovating. Collaboration with other industry players as well as government agencies is the way for company to listen new ideas that can lead to new solutions.

“As a dynamic industry, logistics will continue to evolve both from a technical and ethical perspective. From a technical point of view, we will continue to seek to see what needs to be improved so that we can provide an extra-mile service for customers and stakeholders. Meanwhile, from an ethical perspective, we will continue to communicate with the government about current regulations, so we know what should we do and what should not we do. Because regulations can change and we will continue to run this company following government’s rules.”

FIN Logistics was founded in August 1977 with a team of three at that time. On the 45th anniversary celebration (September 16th), the management invited partners, customers and government agencies representatives who had been working together with FIN.

“It is the time for us to prepare future corporate leaders. Because leadership regeneration is the pulse of a business organization,” he concluded.