Telkom University and SAS Partner to Develop Indonesia’s Analytics Talent

Telkom University x SAS

SAS, the trusted global analytics powerhouse, is partnering with Telkom University to develop new analytics talent in Indonesia. Through this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), SAS and the private university in Bandung, West Java, cement their commitment to nurture the republic’s future data analysts and connect them with employers.

“This partnership provides an excellent springboard for Indonesian students to improve their career prospects by becoming SAS certified,” said Febrianto Siboro, Managing Director (Indonesia), SAS Institute.

“As Indonesia is poised to be the largest digital market in Asia Pacific, data literacy will become the next driver of business value, and honing the skills of youth aspiring to work with data is imperative. With its forward-thinking technology, our collaboration with Telkom University will groom the next generation of Indonesia’s skilled workforce, providing businesses with the right talent to succeed with their data.”

SAS certification is currently available for students in Data Science Majors in the Informatics Faculty of Computing. Through the years, SAS has collaborated with higher education institutions to help bridge the skills gap in Indonesia and across the world.

“We have worked closely with SAS and we are honoured to be able to offer our students the opportunity to be SAS Certified. With data analytics crucial for the digital transformation goals of the nation, we are confident that our students will be sufficiently prepared to face the world of Industry 4.0,” said Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya – Telkom University President.

SAS Certification for a Brighter Future

Through the years, SAS has collaborated with higher education institutions to help bridge the skills gap and hone the next generation of talent. With Indonesia facing a major shortage of qualified digital talent, ranking 125th out of 132 countries in the 2020 Global Innovation Index, programmes such as the SAS Academic Specialization Programme will boost digital literacy in the country. Indonesian learners can receive the help they need to gain the relevant skills to seize data science jobs through:

  • Access free teaching materials and grow industry connections
  • Receive in-depth instructions on SAS Technology
  • Access Free SAS Software for teaching and learning
  • Access exclusive webinars that deep dive into analytics and insights

Meeting Data Science Demands

According to the 2020 Global Innovation Index, digital disruption and automation could create between 27 to 46 million new jobs, with data analytics becoming more crucial as businesses use data for preventive maintenance.

Through this partnership with Telkom University, SAS is following through on its commitment to create positive change through collaborative innovation. This effort will prepare and develop future digital talents to help accelerate the digital economy in Indonesia. With demand for data professionals escalating, the need for analytics has become more evident. While Indonesia has taken steps to nurture digital talents, not least through the Digital Talent Scholarship for aspiring students, SAS hopes to play a greater role in shaping Indonesia’s future workforce with continuous partnerships and other academic programmes.