NEC Becomes the First IT Service Provider to Offer a Connection Point to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute


NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) today announced that the company will establish a connection point to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute through a dedicated private network fiber connection to Azure provided by the NEC Inzai Data Center in Japan from June 2022. Once completed, it will become the first data center owned by an IT service provider to furnish a connection point to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

Moreover, NEC will launch the “NEC DX Network Service” to offer low-latency and secure connectivity with Azure by utilizing this connection from September 2022. This NEC service will help accelerate customers’ digital transformation and support business growth. In addition, by combining Microsoft 365, the NEC Virtual Desktop service based on Azure and this service, customers can enjoy high-performance and secure digital workplaces to help maximize their productivity.

This initiative is a part of a strategic alliance between NEC and Microsoft. NEC aims to provide these services to 100 companies by 2025.

In recent cloud service markets, the use of public clouds has increased due to the acceleration of digital transformation for companies, national governments, and local governments. However, many Japanese customers tend to store important data in their own IT assets, and therefore data center services with low-latency and secure connections to public cloud and customers’ IT assets have been required.

NEC will help accelerate customers’ digital transformation through the provision of services created by the data center’s interconnected ecosystem. Going forward, NEC will continue to strengthen the interconnected ecosystem by enhancing collaboration with partners that include cloud service providers, and to build network services centering on the NEC Inzai Data Center, which can connect to various business services and provide better multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to customers.