OPPOHack 2022 Final Round : Assisting Innovative Ubiquitous Solutions Land


OPPOHack 2022 finals will take place on October 22 and 23, pacific time. After two preliminary rounds of hackathons, 10 qualified projects will enter the final round of the online hackathon. The themes this year are “Unhindered cross-device connection” and “User-centric intelligent services”, and the top 3 winning teams from OPPOHack will receive a total of 40,000 USD prizes.

At the ODC22, OPPO revealed the Pantanal plan. Its main goal is to advance a futuristic concept and to achieve “seamless, non-sensing, and flow with the users”. Ultimately, Pantanal plans to build a new open business ecosystem that is mutually beneficial and sustainable with the involvement of developers and partners. The Pantanal plan is a significant step in OPPO’s transformation into an ecological technology firm, as well as a serious attempt by OPPO and its partners to share the benefits of ecological development with 500 million consumers. “Unhindered Cross-Device Connection” and “User-centric Intelligent Services ” are the two main focuses of this hackathon, and participants from all over the world are invited to participate in a discussion on the future innovation of “ubiquitous services” in settings like the smart home, travel, and office.

During the finals, each project participating will be evaluated based on 4 aspects including innovation, technical difficulty, user experience, and application prospects. The team of judges at OPPOHack finals represents professionalism and diversity. The judging team consists of experts from academia, tech industry, as well as investment, including Mirjana Prpa, Ph.D. and Senior Product Director; Floyd Sijmons, VentureLabs entrepreneurial mentor and entrepreneur, Miao Hong, Chairman at Silicon Valley Future Capital, and OPPO software engineering experts. This judging committee is experienced in conducting comprehensive evaluations for projects, and the top 3 teams will be selected based on the scores.