ANKER eufy Robovac 11s, An Affordable Smart Cleaning Robot with BoostIQ


ANKER, a digital lifestyle accessories brand born in the United States, through its subsidiary eufy, has again presented a solution that many urban people, especially young mothers, experienced. Where not a few mothers have complained about their domestic assistants because of incompatibilities even though they have repeatedly changed.

The problem is still added to the number of household servants who returned home but never returned, making household chores even more piled up. If you’re one of those who experience it, perhaps the Robovac 11s eufy could be considered. This vacuum cleaner robot is guaranteed to always be wherever you want.

Ridwan Hidayat, Business Manager of ANKER Indonesia for eufy said that this smart robot can at least reduce one household problem.

“Come home from getting off work and find the floor of your house or apartment in a messy condition? Just take the Robovac 11s eufy remote, turn it on and this smart robot will clean various floor surfaces,” he explained.

This smart vacuum cleaner does have the ability to access various types of floor surfaces, such as wood, ceramics, to carpets. “With BoostIQ technology, this robot can recognize surface differences and even obstacles in front of it. Once you meet the walls and legs of the sofa and bed, Robovac 11s will automatically change direction,” Ridwan continued.

Having a relatively slim design, only 72.7mm, the Robovac 11s eufy can fit under the sofa and bed easily. While three suction points will make the cleaning process faster and more efficient, without the need to go back and forth in the same place. Moreover, the suction power reaches 1300 Pa.

Long Lasting Battery

Once a full charge, the Robovac 11s eufy is capable of continuous cleaning for up to 100 minutes, aka more than an hour and a half. During that process, you don’t have to bother removing dirt from the reservoir which has a large capacity, which is 0.6 litres. Not only that, there are various cleaning modes to automatic scheduling features.

“After this smart cleaning robot maps the room, then you can schedule automatic cleaning that will be done regularly. Moreover, eufy Robovac 11s is not noisy when working so it will not disturb pets, let alone neighbours. Going home in clean home conditions, why not?” concluded Hidayat.

Like other eufy products, Robovac 11s is also covered by a 12-month warranty with use as directed by the user manual. It’s a good idea to stay away from this product from the reach of children to avoid the product from being stepped on.