World AI Show: Raising the Bar of Innovation


The 40th edition of the World AI Show held in Jakarta brought together tech mavens and industry leaders from the artificial intelligence (AI) space under one roof where they shared valuable insights with the audience. With the fast-paced growth of the global digital infrastructure, businesses and countries today have leveraged the capabilities of AI to augment their digital transition plans.

The World AI Show covered a wide array of topics that dominate the AI space today through engaging panel discussions and informative key note speeches. With leading thought leaders, industry experts, and policy makers in attendance exploring the impact of AI on Indonesia’s digital transformation journey.

At the World AI Show, Trescon’s Group CEO, Naveen Bharadwaj announced the Digital Acceleration & Transformation Expo (DATE), an upcoming event that will feature 10 co-located events and attract over 5,000 business visitors. With an aim to create a platform that keeps the emerging technologies at the centre, DATE was announced to take place in Jakarta in 2024. During the event, KORIKA, a partner at the event, made an official announcement about OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman’s visit to Indonesia. The visit is seen as a positive sign by businesses who are leaning towards AI adoption.

“At the heart of the eco system lies the essence of collaboration, collaboration is not merely a password it is the driving force behind innovation, economic growth and societal development,” said Prof. Hammam Riza, President, Korika.

“What we have to do first is we have to get the project scoping right,” said Nicholas Eng, Solution Engineer, Dataiku.

“Our country is diversified country, how we can reach to the rural areas, mainly that kind of a technology we have to bring it to the rural areas and also, we have to look at it how the sustainability we have to bring using the AI technology,” said Dr. Sankaraiah Sreeramula, Chief Data Scientist, APP Sinarmas.

“We need to have very good decisions based on data and from data to information, so in terms of problem solving and decision making we’ll have great assistance from AI and Digital Transformation,” said Sabam Hutajulu, Member Board of Directors and Head of Audit Committee, Indonesia Air Asia.

The World AI Show held several key discussions and insightful keynote speeches that discussed the emerging trends that can help businesses to optimise their operations.

One of the thought provoking panel discussion that caught everyone’s attention was on the topic of accelerating digital transformation across Indonesia. The panel featured Dr. Anto Satriyo Nugroho, Director of Research Center for AI and Cybersecurity, National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Shinta Nurhariyanti, Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Directorate of e-Government , Sarwoto Atmosutarno, Chairman, Indonesia Telematics Society (MASTEL). Moderated by Naveen Bharadwaj, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), TresconThey examined the role of AI in improving data quality across government departments and the importance of enhancing efficiency of e-government and public services. With e-governance slowly dominating the conversation, the panellists also brought the focus back on how AI can help enhance the quality and delivery of government services.

Another key panel discussion that was worth noting was the discussion on how AI can play a major role in the future of banking in the country. The panel discussion featured Indra Hidayatullah, Data Management & Analytics Division Head, PT. Bank Tabungan Negara, Tbk., Kevin Kane, Chief Technology Officer, Amar Bank, Raine Renaldi, Chief of Economy & Digital Asset Committee, KADIN – Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Moderated by Sonny Supriyadi, Head, Pricing & Data Analytics, Maybank Indonesia, the panellists shared insights on how business innovation is evolving with AI and how AI in banking can help establish a solid business continuity.

The field of AI still has a long journey ahead of it but the impact that it has had over the past few years is visible. As the world continues to deliberate over the upcoming trends that can have a transformative impact in optimising business and government operations, the World AI Show has become an essential and important platform for knowledge sharing, collaborations and business growth for the AI space.