Transforming Enterprise Data into Actionable Insights with IBM SevOne Network Performance Management

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By Andrew Coward | General Manager, Software Defined Networking, IBM

Network management has never been easy for enterprise network operations and engineering teams, but at the same time there is no question that the complexity is soaring. We have seen that the implementation of advanced technologies, growing security risks and even the migration to remote work have all made network performance increasingly critical while also making it more difficult.

These growing challenges have led to the pursuit of zero-touch network performance solutions such as IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation, AI-powered hybrid cloud software that helps automate network operations so organizations can transform their networks and evolve to zero-touch operations, designed to reduce operating expenses and deliver services faster. Additionally, over the last year and a half, we have worked through acquisitions such as TurbonomicmyInvenioInstana and WDG Automation to create an end-to-end AI-powered automation portfolio of software for transforming business processes, IT operations and networking. Today, we are excited to announce the next chapter on our mission to create zero-touch network management with the debut of IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM).

IBM SevOne NPM is a comprehensive, highly scalable, and application-aware network performance monitoring solution engineered to help NetOps teams deliver smooth transitions to virtualized networking and cloud services. By transforming raw network performance data from infrastructure across the delivery chain into actionable insights, IBM SevOne NPM provides a comprehensive view of network performance and how it’s affecting business applications, which can impact the bottom line.

The solution takes advantage of a cutting-edge, machine learning-powered analytics engine that provides network operations professionals with intelligent and relevant insights. These insights help teams spot performance issues early and address them more quickly, to address  user-impacting events. Insights gained from these analyses can also have longer-term, strategic benefits in areas such as network planning and optimization of IT operations.

IBM SevOne NPM is an important addition to the IBM Software Defined Networking portfolio and IBM’s AI-powered automation solutions. It enhances our delivery of application-aware network performance management solutions designed to help network operations and engineering managers go beyond issue detection, surface the insights that matter and avoid costly performance issues that impact business and end users. It is yet another example of our work to help enterprises evolve toward software-defined, 5G and edge multi-cloud networks, which can power the essential applications that drive modern business.