New Zoho Creator Platform Empowers Businesses to Easily Build Digital Solutions

Source: Samueljjohn

Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, announced the latest version of its low-code offering, Zoho Creator Platform, an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between business users and IT teams by providing a solution-building experience to create business applications with no need for deep technical know-how.

Low-code is a software development approach to building applications using visual interfaces employed with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities in a designated development platform, instead of using lines of code in programming languages.

Enterprises in Asia Pacific (APAC) are increasingly leveraging low-code platforms to quickly and securely deploy business solutions to drive their digital transformation efforts. With this trend, the APAC Low-Code Development Platform market would witness market growth of 27.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2020-2026.[1]

Adoption of low-code platforms will allow organizations to rapidly develop applications that meet their business needs with existing talent. In the face of soaring demand for new business applications, solutions should be easy to deploy, scalable and cost-effective.

Zoho Creator Platform users can build, manage, integrate, and analyze, allowing for end-to-end management of business applications in one platform. The experience is comprehensive and deployment is ten times faster than any other solution on the market. With low-code development tools, IT and business users can work in tandem to create and deploy highly customized applications. 

“Outside of Zoho’s Creator Platform, few if any low-code solutions on the market that allow business users or IT to engineer tools, while simultaneously enabling IT teams to manage ongoing challenges of security, compliance, integration, and governance,” said Gibu Mathew, VP and GM of Zoho APAC. “The marriage of these two disciplines and user profiles is where we see the unique value of the Creator Platform.”

The Zoho Creator Platform integrates digital data and processes to facilitate the creation of truly agile solutions. Business developers can now easily build scalable low-code solutions such as apps, integrations, analytics and process automation without the costly and time-consuming training required by complex platforms. For IT stakeholders, the Creator Platform provides deeper controls around governance and management, without compromising automation, data-driven insights, and customization. Together, business users and IT can quickly deploy secure, dynamic solutions built to auto-scale to focus on solving business problems and pursue new opportunities.

Astrid Paramita, CEO of FoodCycle, a member of the Global Foodbanking Network (GFN) from Indonesia shares, “Zoho Creator is very user-friendly and anyone with basic digital literacy can explore the low-code platform and build custom solutions. Using the drag-and-drop forms and modules, we were able to deploy a basic application for our business quickly. As our requirements grow and the need for a more structured and complex solution arises, we can simply reach out to the Creator team. From a small business perspective, the modular and subscription-based approach is cost-effective.  Zoho Creator has lowered the barrier for small businesses and has given us access to enterprise-level technology.”

Key areas of innovation in the new Creator Platform

Building an application with the new Creator platform, users can create, integrate, analyze and manage custom business solutions from a single dashboard. With an enhanced AI and process blueprinting capabilities, apps can be expanded and deployed faster. In addition, developers can now write, store, and execute reusable code blocks in Zoho Creator Platform using Deluge, Java, or Node.js.

Leveraging a universal cloud modeling, developers can establish secure data transfer by automating data integration protocols with unified data architecture and over 650 plug-and-play connectors. This enables easier data integration for users. With the Integration Status Dashboard, users have complete visibility on how well each integration operates, enabling organizations to discover errors and resolve them quicker.

In addition, the Zoho Creator Platform now includes a business intelligence and analytics engine, enabling users to derive business insights from the data residing in their applications without worrying about bringing another subscription into the fold. As solutions can now be launched in different environments with a single click, developers have increased control over end-to-end application development and life-cycle management.