MHI to Establish New “Digital Innovation Headquarters” to Transform Customer Business Models through “Smart Connections”


Effective July 1st, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will add a new “Digital Innovation Headquarters” to its corporate organization. Until now, the Company has sought to strengthen its product competitiveness through ICT solutions encompassing communication network technologies, information processing technologies, etc., with a focus on developing new solutions and expanding current solutions. Going forward, in order to respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the future, under the new headquarters MHI will concentrate on expanding its digital strategies, digital platforms and digital transformation (DX) promotion functions.

To carry out the Company’s shift in orientation, in addition to pursuing intelligence and autonomous operation in the machine systems provided by its group companies, MHI will pursue “smart connections” by coordinating the machine systems vital to society and adding intelligence to social systems, in a quest to achieve secure social infrastructures.

MHI already has a solid record in digital plant operation control (DIASYS Netmation) and remote monitoring and automated plant operation (TOMONI). These and other DX infrastructure technologies have given the Company accumulated expertise in modeling and simulation technologies, based on extensive research, development and field verification; data collection and analytics technologies, derived from operation and maintenance based on abundant operational experience; and AI technologies that have been applied in diverse products and systems. In addition, through integration of security technologies cultivated through the Company’s defense products, etc., MHI aims to provide solutions in safety and security.

In recent years MHI Group has set its target on introducing not only individual new technologies but also technologies that enable digital optimization and operation of multiple products as a package. This solution concept has been named “SigmaSynX”(1). The objective here is not to collect and analyze data from multiple customers, but rather to achieve comprehensive digital optimization of multiple plants and machines operated by a specified customer.

Going forward, using MHI Group’s unique operational data relating to digital technologies, the Company will provide new digital value by accelerating “smart connections” between products and digital technologies.

Outline of the new organization

The new headquarters is being established to powerfully drive forward the Company’s digital business.

The new headquarters will focus on strategic functions by making decisions concerning the digital strategy directions of the entire MHI Group, building digital-driven infrastructure and operating across divisions, developing DX human resources, and overseeing governance, resource optimization, etc.

The new headquarters will target further value creation through cross-divisional use of digital assets and ecosystem building, and will undertake cross-organizational promotion of use of software and other digital product-related modular designs and digital platforms.

The new headquarters will address development of digital services and applications relating to customer contacts in the business segments; and agile development functions(2) in integrated monitoring, operation, and other digital platforms; and also focus on promoting digital experience and digital platform development.