Fujitsu and Phytocontrol to collaborate on offering food contaminant analysis service via Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)


Fujitsu announced the start of a strategic collaboration with Phytocontrol Group (hereinafter Phytocontrol)(1), French leader in contaminant analysis for environmental and food safety. In August, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding, and as part of this cooperation Fujitsu and Phytocontrol will develop chromatography(2) analysis services supported by artificial intelligence.

These services aim to contribute to ensuring food safety by speeding up and improving the accuracy of contaminant analysis in the food industry and to contribute to the digital transformation (DX) of various analytical business processes by expanding services based on this analysis technology to other industries including healthcare and cosmetics on a global level.

Together, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol will offer end to end AI chromatography analysis technology via “Fujitsu Computing as a Service” (CaaS) – Fujitsu’s service portfolio that makes advanced computing technologies available to users via the cloud – to provide chromatography analysis services to food companies, distributors, and regulators over the world. Fujitsu and Phytocontrol aim to start provision of the new service during fiscal 2023.

This collaboration with Phytocontrol is an element in Fujitsu’s ongoing commitment to providing optimal IT environments and solutions that meet the diverse needs of customers under Fujitsu Uvance, its global business brand to realize a sustainable world.

Global food crisis: growing need for food security

The ever-worsening global food crisis remains an ongoing issue, as approximately 400,000 people worldwide die each year from the consumption of contaminated food(3).

To this end, food safety and ensuring that contaminants and pollutants do not enter the food production and supply chain represents an important task. However, the fast and accurate analysis of contaminants in food gained in importance in recent years due to increasing numbers of a variety of contaminants in food and the need to analyze a growing number of different food samples.

To address this issue, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol in 2020 developed a system integrating Fujitsu’s AI technology that automates the process of contaminants analyses in food and water. The AI system is not only able to accelerate analysis time from the extraction of raw data per sample to the verification of results by a factor of 5, but can also reduce human errors, improving operational efficiency and accuracy significantly(4).

Based on these efforts, Fujitsu and Phytocontrol started further cooperation to offer their AI based analysis system as a service via Fujitsu’s CaaS to provide advanced and easy-to-use technology to a wide range of players in the food industry.