Celonis and NEC begin Proof of Concept Integrating Generative AI and Process Intelligence


Celonis SE (Celonis) and NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) began a proof of concept in May this year to integrate NEC’s high-performance Japanese language generative AI with Celonis’ market-leading process intelligence platform. This proof of concept is being conducted as part of a strategic partnership announced in 2023(*) and makes NEC the first Japanese company to work on the integration of generative AI and process intelligence.

Beginning last year, NEC started testing the combination of generative AI and process mining technology with native Japanese speakers. By utilizing generative AI, even individuals who did not have specialized knowledge of process mining could benefit from process intelligence in near real time and analyze business operations using natural Japanese. Moreover, it was confirmed that business operations were improved, such as a reduction in order management delays and delays in subsequent operations due to rework.

Building on the initial success, the companies are now further integrating NEC’s generative AI with Celonis’ process mining technology, allowing users without process mining expertise to quickly visualize and analyze business processes through natural language conversations via NEC’s generative AI, without the need to read large amounts of text.

“The strategic partnership between NEC and Celonis continues to deliver tremendous value for our customers in Japan. Combining NEC’s generative AI and Celonis’ process intelligence will empower more people to identify process optimization opportunities and accelerate business transformation. Together, we continue to help our customers drive positive impact across the top, bottom and green lines,” said Bastian Nominacher, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Celonis.

“In order to grow in a rapidly changing market, companies are accelerating their digital transformation efforts. The combination of Celonis’ process intelligence with the speed and high Japanese language performance of NEC’s generative AI will enable the provision of advanced consulting services that accelerate decision-making and improve companies’ access to analytical capabilities. We believe that this will contribute to the realization of high-quality digital transformation in a short time. We are already putting this into practice within NEC and are confident that the results and know-how can be passed on to our customers. NEC will work with Celonis to create speedy, data-driven and objective suggestions and improvements to support customers’ business reforms and breakthroughs,” said Toshifumi Yoshizaki, SEVP and CDO, NEC Corporation.

Looking ahead, NEC and Celonis will continue to strengthen their partnership and enable business process analysis and business transformation by utilizing Celonis’ process intelligence and NEC’s generative AI.